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Rum Coffee Cake Flavored Coffee
September 2, 2017
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Amaretto Amore Flavored Coffee – as told by The Monk
September 2, 2017
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Most Excellent Pumpkin Pie Holiday Roast Flavored Coffee – as told by The Monk


Pumkin Pie & Spice

May your holidays have bountiful coffee

merry monk pumkin pie spice flavored coffee‘Home for the Holidays’ is a most beauteous sound to our Monk’s ears because he always welcomes any such occasion where he can leave his silent Monastery for some merrymaking. Especially when this revelry includes that most splendid Holiday Pumpkin Pie cheer.

Proud as the Pilgrims may have been for having invented this most cherished dessert, little did they realize, the basics of pumpkin pie, in truth, date as far back as the writings of Medieval times. Because sometime before the 1500’s, Pumpkin was blended with sugar ‘n spice, and then wrapped in pastry.

Could, in fact, it be our Merry One who inspired the origins of such a delicacy, since we all know just how merry this special dessert makes us all feel each and every Autumn?

Well, not being one to brag, our Little Fellow will never tell. However, he will tell us about himerry monk pumkin pie spice flavored coffees special blending of smooth harvest Pumpkins with warm and rich seasonal spices, in order to he
lp us bring in the spirit of the Holidays. His own Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee is known to fill one and all with the comforting sense of harmony, awaken the senses to the brisk and musty autumn air and earthy smells of a foggy morning, while it fills the heart with the colors that paint the landscape.

As it is unclear as to whom actually invented our most cherished Pumpkin Pie, one thing is certain to be for sure … Pumpkin Spice Coffee will bring our Merry Monk packing and travelling across the distant miles from his lonely Monastery … straight to your table to partake in the gaiety.

Rejoice with Merry Monk Coffee — Thank God it’s Gourmet!
Forget the 12-oz. Roasters — We give ya 1 FULL-LB.



Silky smooth flavored coffee, premium quality and fresh roasted for the best flavor anywhere! Fresh roasted the day it ships. Gourmet Coffee Xpress ships right to your door, so you can awaken to a flavorful morning.

This coffee is available:

·   Regular or Dark French Roast.

·   Regular, Decaf or Natural SWISS WATER Decaf


Rejoice with Gourmet Coffee Xpress & Merry Monk Coffees
Forget the 12-oz. Roasters — We give ya 1 FULL-LB.!



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Regular, Decaf, Natural Decaf


1/2 lb., 1 lb., 5 lb.


Regular Roast, Dark Roast


Whole Bean, Ground Coarse (French Press), Ground Medium (Drip), Ground Fine (Espresso)