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Espresso Verde Gourmet Coffee – Seattle Roast
September 13, 2017
Merry Monk Holy Trinity Flavored Coffee Sampler #2 – 3 half-lb. bags
September 14, 2017
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Merry Monk Holy Trinity Flavored Coffee Sampler #1 – 3 half-lb. bags


3 half-lb. bags

    • Festive Eggnog Rum
    • Cafe Parisian
    • Hazelnut Cappuccino Cream


Coffee According to the Monk!
Medieval Flavored Coffee Faire

COME ONE COME ALL! Come forth and surrender your appetite to the beverage of the Monastery. Our own Merry Monk has gathered his favorite Flavored Coffee beans and has set them aside to feast. ‘Tis most splendid his Holy Trinity Flavored Coffee Collection, where each and every brewed and flavored coffee has its own unique history.

The Monk’s Medieval Mission is to get one … or perchance more
of The Merry Monk’s Holy Trinity Coffee Sampler delights into your hands …

A Gift for the Ages!

HUZZAH!  Thank God It’s Gourmet!! 

Freshly roasted the day it ships, our flavored coffee is scary good fun
Forget the 12-oz. Roasters — We give ya 1 FULL-LB.!



This Monk’s Holiest Trinity includes these 3 Heavenly Coffee Flavor delights:

Festive Egg Nog Rum Flavored Coffee
The celebratory mix of Egg Nog, Jamaican Rum, & Cinnamon!

Our Monk recalls the fateful night he sat under the mistletoe in wait of the kiss of a fare faced wench. Nay, this codger had imbibed in a bit too much of the old eggnog and rum, which resulted in the unfortunate mare caught up in the suction of his lips. Ever since this forlorn eve of unfortuitous romance, the Monk has since decided to abstain from the Holiday cheer … except when it flavors his coffee!

Pure eggnog with a splash of the jewel of the island, makes this perfect coffee immensely alluring … even for a strong willed individual like yourself. Add to this, spicy cinnamon and you will feel as festive as the Monk.

Why wait until the holidays? Celebrate year long! This Festive Egg Nog Rum Flavored Coffee is the perfect way to enjoy the season. No alcohol, only 2 calories … Imagine the fun you will have savoring Eggnog spirits any time of year!

Cafe Parisian Flavored Coffee
European Vanilla, Sweet Orange and Mexican Liqueur Cream

Our Merry Monk doesn’t know his ancestry, but he figures it must be French. He’s a master at conjuring up L’Amour. Especially for his Cafe Parisian Flavored brew! What, with its ensemble of divine European Vanilla, Sweet Orange and Mexican Liqueur Cream, all of which waft in perfect harmony throughout this gourmet coffee.

Café Parisian is nothing less than a feast of the senses … if he must say so, himself. You will not be able to get enough of the intoxicating aroma, and the smooth, everlasting taste, with the long finish that will bring you to the conclusion it’s the ‘Beverage of the Gods.’ And the Monk is proud of that.

However, don’t let the little character fool you. As much as the Monk wishes he were Lord of Love and Romance, it’s really the gourmet Parisian Flavored Coffee that will attract Cupid’s arrow to your heart.

Hazelnut Cappuccino Cream Flavored Coffee
Cappuccino has become a regular favorite. This is even BETTER!

Do you know the origin of your Cappuccino? Legend has it our Cappuccino originated from the mythical 6th century Cappucchin Monk. Cappuccino may get its name from our Monk’s clothing with the coffee representing the color of the Monk’s robe and the white foamy peak from his collar – or otherwise, his white bald head. Others state that our Monk, himself, actually invented the beverage, not having anything to do with his garment at all. Either way, feel blessed that the Monk has endowed us with the Cappuccino.

If you’re looking for a sweet, dreamy, creamy flavored coffee mixed with a drizzle of that Cappuccino goodness, this Cappuccino Cream Flavored Coffee is the one for you! Having added in a dash of Hazelnut this hot beverage is simply Heavenly!

Enjoy with breakfast like in Italy, or as an after dinner dessert drink. Take pleasure in the essence of a light Cappuccino smothered with rich and creamy Hazelnut and enjoy everything you love about Cappuccino without the hassle of making it.

The Merry Monk brings his legend to you coffee cup!

Thank God It’s Gourmet!! 

Silky smooth flavored coffee, premium quality and fresh roasted for the best flavor anywhere! Fresh roasted the day it ships. Gourmet Coffee Xpress ships right to your door, so you can awaken to a flavorful morning.

This coffee is available:

·   Regular or Dark French Roast.

·   Regular, Decaf or Natural SWISS WATER Decaf


Rejoice with Gourmet Coffee Xpress & Merry Monk Coffees
Forget the 12-oz. Roasters — We give ya 1 FULL-LB.!



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Regular, Decaf, Natural Decaf


Regular Roast, Dark Roast


Whole Bean, Ground Coarse (French Press), Ground Medium (Drip), Ground Fine (Espresso)