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Find out what it’s like turn your coffee into a classic Southern treat with all my Pecan flavored coffees. Pecan gourmet coffees will remind you of sweet Southern hospitality every time you take a sip — sweet and flavorful, yet smooth and rich.  These coffees make great after-dinner coffees. They’re like a slice of pecan pie! Honey Nut Praline flavored coffee smells just like decadent toasted pecans. Caramel Pecan Roll flavored coffee is like when you used wake up smelling freshly-baked pecan rolls. The aromas of these Pecan freshly roasted coffees are as enticing as the tastes themselves. All of my Pecan blends are the true taste of Southern home baking at it’s finest. All of my flavors infuse onto premium 100% Arabica beans and are shipped directly to you in a heat-sealed bag to preserve its sweetness. My Gourmet Coffee Xpress roast master knows what it takes to craft the perfect cup of coffee with authentic flavor. So have the decadence of candy-coated pecans and pecan pie in the comfort of your very own home with pecan flavored coffee from Gourmet Coffee Xpress!

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