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Thank you so much for purchasing my coffee. I will do my utmost to ship you only the coffees that will make you smile and perk up your day.

I carry 2 separate brands — Gourmet Coffee Xpress and Klatch Roasters, because both are exceptional in quality. And because Klatch is Award Winning coffee I can’t help but offer it to you here. However, Klatch coffees are actually roasted and shipped separately, from their own West Coast facility, while my wide collection of Gourmet Coffee Xpress and Merry Monk flavored and gourmet coffees are fresh roasted for you by my state of the art roaster.

For this reason if you order Klatch coffee together with my Gourmet Coffee Xpress/Merry Monk coffee range, shipping will need to be a bit more, in order to include the shipments from both locations. When you order my coffee, only, or from Klatch the will accrue the price for just one location. Orders of over $150 I will pay your shipping, so it’s Free!

You’ll receive nothing less than the very best small batch fresh roasted beans that I promise you, will delight your palate … I promise!