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Please enter and you'll discover! Find the World’s most extraordinary selection of Gourmet Coffees for drinking and for gifts.

We're a small Artisan cottage business. We're not your Starb..., well you know what I mean. So, you won't get treated as a number. We pride ourselves in offering you nothing but exceptional quality service. We're by no means perfect...but we're here for you and you alone. You are the reason we exist, so we'll work hard to keep you as our guest.

Gourmet CoffeeXpress offers you the ultimate in freshness. We start with premium, hand selected beans. Our coffee is roasted daily in small batches immediately prior to shipping.


What awaits you is the world’s largest selection. Our collection of coffees includes some of the best Limited Edition beans worldwide. Our beans have won awards, and received sublime ratings...incomparable coffee in its selection as it is in quality.

If you like, we have a wide variety of premium certified Organic & Fair Trade Coffees. These coffees maintain standards that have been established by the National Organic Program. They have been certified by the Crop Improvement Association Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP). Why is this so important? Anyone can sell certified organic coffee, but only Certified Organic Coffee Handlers and Processors can legally roast organic coffees. If your source for organic coffee is not a legally certified handler, they are purchasing their beans pre-roasted and prepackaged from another source.

We offer some guidance in helping you to select the best coffee for your style, and even information about new and different coffees, to open your heart and mind to all that's out there in this amazing world of Java!

To learn more about the Coffee Grinds we offer, please click Types of Coffee Grinds.

Customer Service

Does it seem that customer service is a lost art? We pride ourselves on being just a bit different from the rest. We don't want you to order from us just once. If that is the extent of our relationship, then we've unfortunately failed you. We want you to be our guest for years to come, and we want Gourmet CoffeeXpress to be the company you tell your friends about.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Michelle, coffee lover