Extraordinary and Exciting Assortment of Coffee Flavors

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November 15, 2017

Extraordinary and Exciting Assortment of Coffee Flavors

Nothing tastes better to a coffee lover, than a daily dose of a hot brewing mug of coffee. The coffee innovators and tinkerers are always looking for ways to add a spark to their otherwise boring cup of coffee. If you are one of them, then you can get ready to connect with more people over a cup of delicious and lip-smacking coffee by Gourmet Coffee Express, available in an exclusive new range with all new flavors.
Satiate your taste buds by incorporating all new coffee flavors in your daily dose of coffee. Indulge in savoring a cup of sinful chocolate flavor that is sure to rejuvenate your senses. The enticing aroma and taste of Caramel, fruity, nutty coffee takes you to an entirely different zone and mood. If you have hated anything to do with coconut all your life, then you have a chance to fall in love with the refreshing Coconut flavors introduced by Gourmet Coffee Express. What even gets better is when you have homemade cookies to dip in your coffee mugs while sitting by your window pane, watching the rain fall.
Invite your friends home for a fun-filled evening session and offer them a different variety of Liqueur flavored coffee that is sure to keep your crazy side alive. Right from the Amaretto and Cognac Flavored Coffee to the enriching Bourbon Chocolate Truffle Flavored Coffee, you are sure to be blown out with the distinct taste of each and every flavor you taste. The diet conscious can now satisfy their cravings for deliciously magnificent creamy and smooth mocha coffee that is one of the flavors available in the Pastry category by Gourmet Coffee Express. Made with only 2 calories for each cup, the subtle sweet, tempting, and cookie-flavored coffee will heighten your joy and strike a nostalgic chord of days when you relished the homemade cookies at your granny’s.
With a number of mouth-watering coffee flavors, Gourmet Coffee Express takes you on a journey of eternal bliss, infusing a state of never-ever experienced joy of tasting the authentic essence of freshly brewed coffee in a variety of flavors, the taste of which lingers in your mouth for quite some long. Try this assortment of exciting coffee flavors, this season and be surprised with what it offers you!

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