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Xpress Coffee Club
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Xpress CoffeeClub for Lovers

Xpress CoffeeClub for Lovers

Wake up every morning to OOH LAH LAH…
and a great coffee!

Love, Romance…and that first night of magic…need we say more? True OOH LAH LAH! Marriage seems to enhance Passion… so go on … anticipate that fateful moment of, shall we say, eternal bliss, keeping every aspiration targeted on your future together.

There’s such great expectation for the both of you, that specifically includes waking up for the very first time as husband and wife, and…well, every morning thereafter. So with the night’s explosion, then soft morning caresses…keep the moment alive and kickin’ throughout the day, savoring, nothing less, than a magnificent cup of Java shared together.

Gourmet CoffeeXpress offers young lovers (of any age category) a very special Xpress CoffeeClub. Offering couples their “World’s most Extraordinary Collection” of premium gourmet java beans, the Xpress Club inspires the morning coffee experience.

Just as each night together is individual and special, joining the Club will enhance your first step into your morning with the gift of pleasuring different morning coffees on a month to month basis. Delivered every month to your doorstep will be 2 full fresh roasted pounds of gourmet coffee.

How is Xpress CoffeeClub different from other monthly online Coffee Clubs?

The average Coffee Club tends to dictate its own preference in coffee style. But, why limit yourself? Every one of us has a different taste in coffee…so… we all should have our own preferences on the type of coffee we’d like to receive every month.

Would you prefer a grand Flavored Gourmet Coffee experience, or prefer to try International Coffees from the world over? Possibly you dare sample coffees from a particular single origin of the world. Additionally, you have an option to select your roast preference, be it Dark, Medium or Light. Most uniquely, for those with delicate tummies, Gourmet CoffeeXpress offers up their famous “Mind-Your-Tummy Coffees” (low acidity) of the Month Club. More options abound!

Great as a wedding gift for the expected couple, Xpress CoffeeClub will add a delightful inspiration to each morning and all mornings and evenings thereafter. Here’s to a long and a very delicious marriage!


• World Tour Coffee Club
• Flavors of the Month Club
• Regions of the World Coffee Club
• Exclusively by Roast Coffee Club
• Coffee Roast Club
• Mind-Your-Tummy (Gentle on the Stomach) Coffee Club
• Signature Blends Coffee Club
• Organic Coffee Club

World Tour Club -  (Two 1-lb bags)
Exclusively by Roast  - (Two 1-lb. bags)
World Tour Club - (Two 1-lb bags)

Tour our vast selection of International Coffees!$28.00
Exclusively by Roast - (Two 1-lb. bags)

Select Coffee by your favorite Roast Style - Light, Medium or Dark, $26.00
Signature Blend X-ploration - (Two 1-lb. bags)
Regions of the World - (Two 1-lb. bags)
Signature Blend X-ploration - (Two 1-lb. bags)

X-plore our collection of Signature Blends from premium Coffees world-wide$28.00
Regions of the World - (Two 1-lb. bags)

X-plore Exotic International beans from a select Region of the globe!
South & Central America, Asia or Africa $28.00
Organic Coffee Club -  (Two 1-lb bags)
Mind Your Tummy Club (GENTLE ON THE STOMACH)  - (Monthly Two 1-lb. bags)
Organic Coffee Club - (Two 1-lb bags)

Delve into an exotic combination of Single-Origin Organic Coffee beans alongside outstanding Organic Signature Blends for the environmentally friendly gourmet coffee drinker.$28.00
Mind Your Tummy Club (GENTLE ON THE STOMACH) - (Monthly Two 1-lb. bags)

Low Acid, Stomach-Friendly Coffee
Our most gentle coffees, perfect for those with sensitive stomachs and perfectly balanced for all. This Club is fit for those who experience heartburn, upset stomach, or indigestion from regular coffee.
Coffee cravers may rejoice!$28.00

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