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Valentines Flavored Coffee Collection – 6 half-lb. bags
September 15, 2017
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Liqueur Flavored Coffee Sampler – Pick 3 of the BEST – 3 half-lb. bags
September 15, 2017
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Valentine’s Coffees of Passion Flavored Coffee Collection – 4 half-lb. bags


A coffee for every PASSION! 4 half-lb. bags of the most enticing flavors


  • XXXTRA HOT FUDGE COFFEE For your more playfully amorous moments here’s
    a blend of fudge nut brownie, maple walnut, European vanilla and southern pecan – an inspired combination!
  • CUPID’S KISS COFFEE – For the love you feel (give a koffee-kiss). This recipe is specially designed to attract that elusive cherub. We hope this blend of French Caramel, Swiss Chocolate, and Southern Pecan fills your heart with happiness.
  • SINFUL DELIGHT COFFEE – Go for the Romance with this seductive bag. Jamaican rum, macadamia nut and coconut – give a small island vacation without leaving home!
  • WILD CHOCOLATE CHERRY COFFEE How about stirring up some flaming Passion? Ignite a fire within with this  lusty bag of sinfully rich in cherries with chocolate for that perfect touch! 


Forget giving chocolate. Give something unique and flavorful.

Love has its moods. At times sultry … at other’s playful. Express your moods in the most unique way—by giving a Gift of Passion!

This is the truest gift of the heart. Every flavored coffee suggests your mood of love. Just brew a fresh roasted coffee that will demonstrate what you are feeling for that special someone. And voila … you’ve set the perfect spirit of the moment.

Freshly roasted the day it ships, show you care with fresh flavorful coffee
Forget the 12-oz. Roasters — We give ya 1 FULL-LB.!



Cupid’s Gift

Play Cupid and celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending the ones you love a gourmet coffee that includes the best of what Gourmet Coffee Xpress has to offer. This gift will surely make hearts flutter! Gourmet Coffee Xpress gifts are always in good taste, plus they are more useful than flowers and have less calories than chocolate!

I ship fresh, I ship fast and we ship to anyone who  has your heart. I will make sure that they say “Yes!” to being your Valentine!

Silky smooth flavored coffee, premium quality and fresh roasted for the best flavor anywhere! Fresh roasted the day it ships. Gourmet Coffee Xpress ships right to your door, so you can awaken to a flavorful morning.

This coffee is available:

·   Regular or Dark French Roast.

·   Regular, Decaf or Natural SWISS WATER Decaf


Rejoice with Gourmet Coffee Xpress & Merry Monk Coffees
Forget the 12-oz. Roasters — We give ya 1 FULL-LB.!



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Regular, Decaf, Natural Decaf


Regular Roast, Dark Roast


Whole Bean, Ground Coarse (French Press), Ground Medium (Drip), Ground Fine (Espresso)