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paradise sampler
Paradise Gourmet Coffee Collection – 4 half-lb. bags
September 16, 2017
South American Tour Coffee Sampler
South American Tour Gourmet Coffee Sampler – 4 half-lb. bags
September 16, 2017
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A WORLD TOUR Gourmet Coffee Sampler – 4 half-lb. bags


Explore the finest Artisan coffees!

  • Celebes Kalosi Coffee (Indonesia) 
  • Ethiopia Harrar (Africa) 
  • Guatemala Antigua (Central America) 
  • Brazil Cerrado (South America)


Sample a luxury lifestyle with premium coffees from around the world

Welcome to a world of luxury coffee with a small collection of boutique coffee tours arranged for you as an international luxury-lifestyle collection of coffees. Find the finest quality beans from countries famous for growing coffee.

This outstanding sampler allows you to X-plore the best of the has to offer with four 1/2-lb. bags of some of the finest coffee. If you have a friend new to gourmet coffee, or enjoy the highest quality coffees from around the world then this one is for you!

Freshly roasted the day it ships, this is the best in the world of coffee
Forget the 12-oz. Roasters — We give ya 1 FULL-LB.!


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Premium gourmet coffees: 

  • Celebes Kalosi Coffee (Indonesia)
    Sulawesi is the same coffee that the Luwak (Toddy Cat) eats. They eat the coffee cherry which is then picked and process by the locales to become “Kopi Luwak” coffee. Similar to the best Sumatran but less rich and more body, acidity and vibrance. This coffee is a little hard to find but worth the search. Great coffee!
  • Ethiopia Harrar Coffee (Africa) 
    Intense fruit notes from blueberry to black currant an a great dark chocolate aftertaste.Harar (Harrar) coffee is grown in eastern Ethiopia at an altitude of over 1300 meters 4264 ft. Most of this coffees use dry process making each cup a little different to each other. It’s sometimes spelled “Harar” or “Harrare” Our Ethiopian Harrar “Queen City” brand has been developed in partnership with our long time supplier of Harrar coffee, Mohamed Abdullahi Ogsadey the exporter of our former “MAO Horse” brand. The key feature here is the initial grades of coffee that go into the brand, along with the final cleaning, preparation, and defect removal processes. Most exporters selling “Grade 4 Harrar” will purchase a blend of high and low grade coffees, from both East and West Harrar, and do only a minimal cleaning to remove foreign matter like sticks and rocks. This is not the case with “Queen City”. Only the top 3 grade categories from East Harrar available in the ECX auction are initially purchased. After blending, the coffee then undergoes an intensive hand-sorting procedure that removes up to 25% of the beans as defective in order to ensure a preparation that is superior to any other coffee you will find from the Harrar region.
  • Guatemala Antigua Coffee (Central America) 
    This high-grown coffee has medium intensity, exceptional body, and the characteristic winey taste of Classic Antigua.
  • Brazil Cerrado Coffee (South America) 
    Cerrado is a region in the state of Minas Gerais, which is now the largest coffee-producing state in Brazil. Coffee has been a major crop in this region since the 1980’s mainly because of the devastating black frost of 1975 that forced growers from the Parana region to relocate north to Cerrado and other areas of Minas Gerais. Today, coffee is produced by over 4,500 growers on 175,000 hectares of farmland with yields of approximately 5.5 to 6.0 million bags per year. The coffee is grown in rich soil that the natives call “Terra Roxa” or “Red Earth” and other factors such as consistent rains, high daytime temperatures, and dry winters combine to make the Cerrado region an ideal area in Brazil for producing coffee

4 half pounds

This makes an excellent gift for your coffee loving friends.

Silky smooth flavored coffee, premium quality and fresh roasted for the best flavor anywhere! Fresh roasted the day it ships. Gourmet Coffee Xpress ships right to your door, so you can awaken to a flavorful morning.


Rejoice with Gourmet Coffee Xpress & Merry Monk Coffees
Forget the 12-oz. Roasters — We give ya 1 FULL-LB.!



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