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You are here: Home > Articles & Recipes > Nicaragua Cup of Excellence - Finca Limoncillo / La Gloria

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Nicaragua Cup of Excellence -
Finca Limoncillo / La Gloria

Nicaragua Cup of Excellence - Finca Limoncillo / La Gloria

The amazing terrain of the surrounding area makes cultivating an exciting and daunting challenge.

Fincas La Gloria & Limoncillo are sister farms, both literally and figuratively: they are neighboring farms and belong to two sisters. La Gloria belongs to Ethel McEwan, acquired in 1938 by their father Esteban McEwan, and Limoncillo to Maria Ligia Mierisch McEwan.

This coffee is a single varietal named Java-Nica, an Ethiopian Long-Berry. Much work went into this coffee. It was a risky venture to cultivate as this varietal came from a coffee research facility and was new to this region. Only a handful of growers produce this bean. Despite the odds, it has been an experiment that has paid off. Fincas La Gloria and Limoncillo combined their limited quantity of this cultivar for the competition. This has been seven years in the making, and the family is extremely pleased with the results.

These family farms are part of the Café Sol y Agua export group, which puts much emphasis on maximizing and improving quality through careful harvest selection, wet milling, and dry milling.

Number of employees in farm:

• 60 permanent (between both farms)
• 180 - 600 temporary during harvesting
• Altitude: 980 to 1350 above sea level

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