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DUMMIES FOR DATING: A Book About Character Defects
Jean le Bean Review
Go-With-The-Glow - Health & Wellness

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Dummies for Dating




Lockjaw Lipssealed:
This is very entertaining for a number of reasons. For one, your writing style is very self -deprecating and humeruos and this works to both draw the reader in, as well as set the reaer at ease. (There are several instances where your experience could be seen as quite sad and the heartbreaks uncomfortable, but your honest, humerous tone allows the reader to rest easy as they read this.)

Another reason that this works so well, is that so many of us can relate to what you've been through....males and females. The dating experience is nearly universal and the number of sweethearts who met in grade school and are now celebrating their 50th anniversary are few and far between...i.e. we've all kissed our share of frogs. You allow us to see those "relationships" through new eyes and from a distance...agian, it allows the reader a comfort zone to relive your experience and our own.

Finally, as I read your book, portions of two of my favorite Gin Blossom songs kept playing in my head. One was the line from, "Jealousy" that says: "And if you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down." The second is simply the title of their song. "Can't call it cheatin", Cause she reminds me of you." I expect that this book will do well!

Burgio wrote:
I have never clicked onto an internet dating site so this was not only a good read for me - it was informative as well. It takes courage to write this type of book because it not only reveals a lot about the loser men you write about. It also reveals a lot about you. You've done a great job writing it. I'm adding it to my shelf. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

lynn clayton wrote:
'He reminded me of Fred Flintstone, appearance-wise' - one of the best lines I've ever read. It's innocent, ingenuous but very clever and hysterical. Backed. Lynn

snave wrote:
Excellent ans a real descriptive eye opener. Brilliany style and thoroughly enjoyable - Andy, When Spirits Break Free

tony_h wrote:
Your book is superb, very cleverly worded, an art in itself. I too can relate to your experiences. You have had some fun times along your journey to find that special person, but some very sad times, i dont know how your heart has coped with such sorrow, sadness and let down..

your book has my backing for sure, its ingenuous, exciting, extremely sad at times, unfinished !!, your a very clever Lady, i hope to read the next episode, and yes, with the wedding bells at the end, it has to be Mich!!! - Tony

Marija F.Sullivan:
I have enjoyed. Lighthearted and candid dialogue in turns made a compelling read. Very best wishes, M (Weekend Chimney Sweep)

What a great dedication. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this, but you write with candour and honesty it was impossible not to. There is an absolutely huge market for this. I could also see a simple tranistion to making this a Bridg Jones type work of comedy fiction. Either way, this is well crafted and engaging. I wish you look with Harper True. Carl

zrinka wrote:
Boy, am I ever glad I came across this book, I never tried the internet dating, but I can imagine it's not much different than phone or, any other form of fix you up with someone out there dating. I'll be reading this just to see what I'm not missing. Great and so entertaining.

abuse yasmin esack wrote:
Many congraulations on this very clever and remakable story. Very entertaining and your writing is imaginative and easy to read. Lovely!

LonnieNonnie wrote:
Witty, clever, droll. Very easy reading. Perfect airport book. Good luck with this. The Tails of Willie Gusty

CarolinaAl wrote:
This is a captivating comedic story. Masterful imagery. Colorful, complex characters. Realistic conversations. Excellent sense of pace. Illuminating narrative. Brilliant comedy. Surefooted, accomplished writing. An impressive read. Backed.

drachat wrote:
Wow, this is funny and keeps you moving right along. Love it...very funny and have dated online, am doing it a bit now. Pathetic, I know, but how do you meet people? It's hard. Your stories are funny and your wit an writing style are evident. I, too, seem to have an affinity for Brits!

Denise wrote:
I have started to read your writing and must say that it is compelling. Already you have established your animated characters in my head, ( they are not leaving soon) and i feel strongly to back your book now. such talent you have to create a compelling read for me. I also believe your long pitch sells your book well. I do wish to be part of your climb to the top on this site. CONGRATS and I will comment more as I read more.- Denise,The Letter

Anthony Brady wrote:
Michelle - The business of matchmaking interests me, though I have noticed that matchmakers in Ireland, where I live, are hardly ever married. There has to be a reason for that. I dabble in the art myself. I confess to mischievously matching up couples in a weekly magazine available in the shops here. I link the box numbers and cross refer the posted CVs and mail them off anonomously. Great fun: like your book. It should be available on The National Health. Laughter is the best medicine. The Prescription comes under tonics and would be for tickling the ribs, twinkling the eyes, belly laughs, being in stitches, laughing 'til you cry... and so on. I read all the Chapters and people - in droves - will be giggling their way out of the bookstores clutching your matchless book. You will be laughing your way to the bank. Everyone's happy. Backed.- Tony Brady - SCENES FROM AN EXAMINED LIFE

S Richard Betterton wrote:
You certainly have picked some fine ones, based on Big Bro obsessed Joe and cheapskate David at least! Your style settled me in immediately and I could happily sit down and read this all evening. Backed.

A. Zoomer wrote:
Dear Michelle, When I read the title and pitch I though, good idea for Chick Lit but it depends on how it is done. You impressed me with your description of the Curse of Scott. It shows that you are willing to look deeper than the predictable to describe your story. It is your unique story after reflection and it's well nuanced explanation makes the book worth reading. Well done girl. It sits on my bookshelf with my other Dummies books. I await your next book Dummies for Publishing. - A Zoomer Going Out in Style

Francesco wrote:
Illuminating and very amusing. Backed with pleasure! Good Luck!!

A Knight wrote:
This is not the normal kind of thing I'd pick up to read, and I would be missing out. This is original, funny and thoroughly engaging. Backed with pleasure. - Abi xxx

toussaint wrote:
Your book is not really one for me, but I can see how it would appeal. I was a bit perplexed to see that the first chapter contained all that was in the pitch, but then I don’t see how else you can start this. It’s a simple concept, recount your internet dating disasters. That’s it. No more, no less. Like it or not. Your writing is good and your narration detached and somewhat critical, both of yourself and your suitors. I did like the “curse of Scott.” Poor Scott, he tried so hard. Couldn’t you get his teeth fixed, take him to the gym and buy him some anti dandruff shampoo? We’ve all made that mistake! You do make certain errors in your writing, not so many, but they do yell out at me, but none so much as this one sentence:

crazy mama wrote:
FUNNY!!! FUNNY!!! FUNNY!!! And painfully familiar, but that's a whole other story!! Love it!!

Famlavan wrote:
Great title!!! There is more to this at times very, very funny book. The truth rings out of this and creates great introspection, showing a great sign of depth in what at times appears light hearted. This is an absolutely great book, one I have very much enjoyed – Thanks!!!

Raymond Nickford wrote:
Michelle, Chapter 1 is a fascinating mixture of what seems, at first, tragedy and comedy. When we learn of the 'sweet' but physically 'repulsive' and even odorous Scott, I found myself doing a quick spot check on my own foibles in case a red light started flashing to say 'Yes, you too'. Mercifully, I think I survived inspection, and yet beneath the slightly amusing disection of Scott, there is an underlying, almost unspoken, sadness and a sense of the cruel elusiveness of true romance for the writer. The latter may be an experience which most of us have had from time to time, but usually the disillusionment one day becomes the joy of companionship, depth of friendship and - as much a bonus as an absolute imperative - the ecstasy of sexual union to bind more intensely the friendship between 'soul partners' The sense of guilt over the physical repulsion is almost palpable and I can feel the tension between on the one hand not wanting to hurt Scott and on the other the physical revulsion at the prospect of sex with him, the whole complex compounded by the fact that others - who didn't have to regularly share a bed with him - could only sing his praises as the nice guy he otherwise was. Candid, prose clear; because carried by the sincerity and urgency of the message, overall a revelation and a contribution which will be yet more interesting against the background of what computer dating might/might not deliver. As you say, many of the dates would lead to fulfilling friendships and/or marriages but there is also heartache in cyber territory. Backed. - Ray (A Child from the Wishing Well)

DMR wrote:
I predict big things for Dummies for Dating: it is a remarkable true life tale about the frustrations and humour of internet dating : this is very well done and completely compelling.. you have a mastery of the written word and your style just lends itself to this amazing story.. Backed and best wishes!

SusieGulick wrote:
Dear Michelle, I love your humor in "men" - 6 marriages in my memoir - can there be anything worse - I found out that each one was still a little boy in a man's body & needed a mommy rather than a wife. Your book is fantastic. :) You prepared me to read your book with your excellent hook before your story. It is good because you create interest by having short paragraphs & lots of dialogue, which makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. - Susie :)

klouholmes wrote:
Hi Michelle, The Curse of Scott really pulled me in and when you consider that women once married their first loves or at the first opportunity. The relationship with Joe was entertaining and the issues were well-described. It also shows how people can have more direct conversation over the internet. I liked the part about the visit though, an exciting switch into real life. You’ve selected key scenes and conversations, keeping my attention. Shelved – Katherine (The Swan Bonnet)

Sandie Newman:
OMG you could be talking about me. This is brilliant and it's nice to see I'm not the only single out there. I love the bit about Scott and that although he had a great personality you didn't fancy him. I had a similar situation myself and felt sick that after a evening of texting he sent me some photos and I too realised I found nothing attractive about him at all. Absolutely loved this. totally identified with it, hilarious and backed. -Sandie, The Crown of Crysaldor

Maggie P wrote:
Oh this is seriously funny, you had me giggling from the off. Is this really true? Backed with pleasure - Maggie P.

Beval wrote:
After reading this I'm convinced internet dating is a frog pond. Somewhere in there one will turn into Prince Charming, but you're going to have to subject your lips to a lot of cold wet yuckiness until you hit the right frog.

Miss Banker wrote:
I have read several chapters of your book. I was attracted to the subject as I have also done the internet dating and have met what I would call the worst of the male of the homo sapiens specimen. Yeah, many jerks... but when the jerk is a banker, trader, hedge fund manager... well... even worse!

MarkRTrost wrote: I love chic-lit. Oh I do. I'm a 47 year old heterosexual man who likes reading about adorable funny people with silly problems. I love it. You want to know why? Because my life (as is all middle-aged sandwich generation folks) is so goddamned stressfilled I don't need another thriller or fright. No. I want froth and fun. So I'll happily read something that breezes by and cools me down. This is breezy and fun.

Jedward wrote:
Very amusing and interesting. You do a very nice job of writing! Backed. Best Regards, Jedward (Knut)

hot lips wrote:
I read two chapters, this is so well written and funny and inspite of being told in chapter one, that it has all been a disaster, we long, we wait in splendid anticipation for Mr Right to come along, a suitable mate for our amusing witty authoress. Backed with pleasure - BADD

soutexmex wrote:
These kind of dating books are their own subgenre on this website. But this happens to be true. That short pitch could stand on its own with just the first sentence. The long pitch could stand to end with the question that you post at the end of the second paragraph. Being Autho's #1 commentator and amateur pitch doctor, trust me, this is a unforgetable novel. SHELVED! - JC, The Obergemau Key, Author's #1 rated commentator

Jessica Weiss wrote: another woman who finds it unromantic to pay for her own half of a dinner...

Michelle, You are a very good writer...This is honest, funny, and extremely relatable...I think many women will find comfort in knowing that on a whole as women we hold on because we like to find the good in everyone.

I have read 6 of your chapters thus far and will be back to finish...It's interesting too, that it also includes men from across the pond showing again, that people are just people, wherever they hail from. I love how it is so easy to read and the title and pitch are perfect as well...Backed with a big smile - Patricia aka Columbia, Layers of the Heart

jfredlee wrote:
Funny, it doesn't matter which gender, we've all been where you have and for the most part, lived to tell and laugh about it. Your book is disarmingly funny and I think I may have dated the sisters of some of the men in it.In fact, I'm still chuckling as I write this. Backed, happily. - Jeff Lee, THE LADIES TEMPERANCE CLUB'S FAREWELL TOUR

David Fearnhead
I had a similar idea for a book such as this a few years back. A friend of mine had been on a series of dates which was bizarre to say the least. One guy even turned out to have a false leg! Even though I had the meat I really had no idea about how to go about writing such a book. Having read yours I'm glad I didn't because I doubt I could have wrote it as well as yours. Think this might be one of those coffee morning discussion books which ladies love so much. Backed. David Bailey of the Saints.

RichardBard wrote:
This book could easily become a best seller. It's the sort of book that Opra would endorse. Many of us guys have been through the trials of online dating, but your well-written encounters provide an intriguing insight into what it's like from the woman's POV. This is very well done. Congratulations. Backed.- Richard Bard BRAINRUSH (2010 ABNA Quarter-Finalist)

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