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You are here: Home > Xpress Coffee Club > Mind Your Tummy Club (GENTLE ON THE STOMACH) - (Monthly Two 1-lb. bags)

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ANY SIZE Coffee Order!

on Gourmet CoffeeXpress Coffee-only orders
Coffee shipping offer for Coffee Klatch valid only if coffee selected is part of the same line (GCX only / Klatch only).

Select "SHIP 'ONE-BRAND' COFFEE ONLY" option for shipping to place your order.
Select "Ground" to ship if ordering various lines.

Mind Your Tummy -
(Gentle on the Stomach)
Coffee of the Month Club
(Two 1-lb. bags)

Mind Your Tummy Club (GENTLE ON THE STOMACH)  - (Monthly Two 1-lb. bags)

Join our Monthly CoffeeXpress Coffee Club
X-plore a vast selection of Premium Low Acid Coffees & Coffee Blends
delivered fresh to your home or office every month.

Looking for a Low Acid, Stomach-Friendly Coffee?
We'll share our most gentle low acid coffees, perfect for those with sensitive stomachs and perfectly balanced for all.

This is the Monthly Coffee Club fit for those who experience heartburn, upset stomach, or indigestion from regular coffee.
Coffee cravers may rejoice!

Wake up every morning to fresh roasted Gourmet Xpress Coffee.
Offering you the most extraordinary experience in flavor...
We guarantee it!

Shipped direct to your home from our coffee roastery. Choose whether you like your coffees ground or whole-bean.

How it works:

  • Choose your Grind-Type and Coffee Type
  • Choose your style - Regular only, or with Flavored,
  • Each month, we ship 2 different one-pound bags of fresh-roasted premium coffee right to your home or office.
  • Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
  • Only $24.00 + shipping per month
  • No obligation! You may cancel at any time.

    Monthly Coffee Type

  • Regular Coffee Only - International and Signature Blend
  • Regular & Flavored Coffees

    Mind Your Tummy Club (GENTLE ON THE STOMACH) - (Monthly Two 1-lb. bags)
    Monthly Coffee Type: 
    Choose grind: 

    Choose package:  Quantity:
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