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Merry Monk's Holy Trinity Flavored Coffee Sampler #2 - 3 half lb. bags

Merry Monk's Holy Trinity Flavored Sampler #2 - 3 half lb. bags

This Monk's Holiest Trinity includes these 3 Heavenly Coffee Flavor delights:

Knights in Black Cherries & Vanilla Flavored Coffee
Where does he dream of such Combinations?

Searching for Merriment? Look no further. Our Merry Monk knows exactly what you need. Flavored Coffee to add revelry to your step.

Fit for the Queen’s own Jubilee Celebration - whom the Monk happens to know personally - Cherries Jubilee is a most joyous dessert, swelling in deep red cherries and drenched in the Brandy of the cherry liqueur. Not to stop there, it is finished and Flambéed into a mélange, then poured over ice cold Vanilla Ice Cream … HUZZAH!

This temptous Cherries Jubilee Flavored Coffee is as jubilant as it sounds with its sugary flavor of ripened dark cherries melting on vanilla cream. 'Tis like deep dark rubies embedded in white satin. Thus, knighted 'The Monk’s Favorite' by Her Grace, herself. Bow or curtsey to a cup of the rich brew. Then let revelry commence!

Pumpkin Pie Spice Flavored Coffee
The Monk would walk a Mile for this One!!!

'Home for the Holidays’ is a most beauteous sound to our Monk's ears because he always welcomes any such occasion where he can leave his silent Monastery for some merrymaking. Especially when this revelry includes that most splendid Holiday Pumpkin Pie cheer.

Proud as the Pilgrims may have been for having invented this most cherished dessert, little did they realize, the basics of pumpkin pie, in truth, date as far back as the writings of Medieval times. Because sometime before the 1500's, Pumpkin was blended with sugar ‘n spice, and then wrapped in pastry.

Could, in fact, it be our Merry One who inspired the origins of such a delicacy, since we all know just how merry this special dessert makes us all feel each and every Autumn?

Well, not being one to brag, our Little Fellow will never tell. However, he will tell us about his special blending of smooth harvest Pumpkins with warm and rich seasonal spices, in order to help us bring in the spirit of the Holidays. His own Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee is known to fill one and all with the comforting sense of harmony, awaken the senses to the brisk and musty autumn air and earthy smells of a foggy morning, while it fills the heart with the colors that paint the landscape.

As it is unclear as to whom actually invented our most cherished Pumpkin Pie, one thing is certain to be for sure … Pumpkin Spice Coffee will bring our Merry Monk packing and travelling across the distant miles from his lonely Monastery ... straight to your table to partake in the gaiety.

Amaretto Amore Flavored Coffee
Monk's Goblet overflows with Sweet Apricot Liqueur Coffee!

The Monk loves telling the legend of his fine Italian liqueur. Amaretto, derived from the Italian word ‘Amore,’ became associated with romance in 1525 when Italian artist, Bernardino Luini painted a Medieval church sanctuary in honor of the Virgin Mary. His inspiration was a fair innkeeper and his lover, the young Madonna, who out of gratitude steeped apricot kernels in brandy and presented it to him. The Love concoction is one that our Merry Monk now offers to you as his own devotional Flavored Coffee.

This blend of sweet Almonds, Powdered Sugar and the juicy Apricot steeped in gourmet fresh roasted coffee is here to create an incredible Amaretto Flavored Coffee brew, reminiscent of the most noble Marzipan Dessert. Gift it to your own Madonna!

Thank God It's Gourmet!!

Merry Monk's Holy Trinity Flavored Sampler #2 - 3 half lb. bags
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