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Find the right Coffee to pair
with Someone's Style -

Unique Gift Idea - Find the right Coffee to pair with Someones Style


Select this package below, and enter your recipient's personality in the order comment box. We'll do the rest.

Award someone with the most extraordinary gift!

For a unique gift, give someone the perfect coffee and pair the traits that underlie your java with the personality of the recipient. Individually designed based on your friend or loved one's personal character!

All award certificates personally written for your recipient!

People are all so different. For a fun change of gift-giving pace,
for Someone Special find the perfect gift by his or her ‘Character’.

Interestingly every coffee has its own character profile, it’s own nature. Wouldn’t it be a novel and interesting thought to match the style of a coffee gift, to someone's own very special style?


Let’s take for example, he or she has a very sweet disposition, very low key, never a mean word shall pass their lips; well in this case give'em the gift of coffee highlighted by a Low Acidity, Sweet Tasting Profile. Your choice of fabulous gourmet coffee’s defined by this character profile would be:

Sweet Tasting with a light body and low acidity

India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage'
Monsooned or aged by the elements…this person has grown better with time.

India Mysore 'Gold Nuggets'
From out of the gold fields of India…how can you say better how much he or she means to you…Great as Gold!

Organic Galapagos Island Estate
As rare as these very special beans are…such is your Special Someone!

Mexico 'Spirit of the Aztec'
Here’s to the “Individual of Supreme Spirit!”

Jamaica Blue Mountain
There’s a mystique surrounding this coffee...and this man or woman. The ultimate in value.

Papua New Guinea
These beans are grown in excluded a well hidden location accessible only by foot. Here’s just the thing for that quiet demure Someone!

Brazil Santos
A mild coffee with a bit of a nutty taste…who’d know that behind the calm façade there lies a bit of a nut!


On the other hand, this person might be bold and daring…robust…speaking his or her mind in just about any situation. Match this “Remarkable Rambo” to a gift of coffees that is Bold Tasting, Heavy Body and High Acidity. This coffee combination would be:

Bold taste with a heavy body and high acidity

French Roast
They don’t get more robust than this! Deep, dark…stands up to just about anything.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
A coffee with the most varied and distinctive flavor, for that Someone with a spectrum of moods.

Ethiopia Longberry
This coffee, also known as Abyssinia is the father of all coffees…the original coffee. For the person basked in originality.

Kenya AA
Demonstrating a stoic solid body and penetrating flavor…representative of the strong willed individual!

Zambia Terranova Estate
This African coffee features extremely complex flavors. A great match for the deeper thinkers, the analytical, the complex.


If this individual is artful and sophisticated in nature, you can best suit'em with a lovely array of coffees with Winey Taste, Light Body, with High Acidity. For this master of style present the following:

Winey taste with a light body and high acidity.

Santo Domingo 'Bani Especiale'
This cup has a multitude of flavors. As complex and moving as your Special Someone.

Guatemala Antigua
Smokey flavor with a spicy twist…think of the sultry thought-provoking person with that dynamic ability to find the spice in every situation.

Organic Peru 'Andes Gold'
Paint this man or woman Gold…another coffee to demonstrate the value of the person you hold dear.

Costa Rica 'La Amistad' Organic
The coffee that’s lively, sweet and aromatic. Perfect for the man or woman that shimmers in personality!

Costa Rica Reserve
This is a bright flavored coffee that reveals in the end, a deeper, more complex finish…could this person's outgoing style elude a deeper dimension?


Finally there’s that individual, very adept in conversational style…the smooth talker. No need to say another word. Present'em instead with the perfect set of coffees for this occasion. Give him or her coffees with Smooth Taste, Heavy Body, Low Acidity. And for the Special Someone who can say it all, give a very demonstrative coffee gift:

Smooth taste with a heavy body and low acidity

Panama 'La Palma Select'
These beans grow on level ground creating consistency in their flavor…for the one consistently there for you through the thicks and the thins.

Colombia Organico Mesa de los Santos
Of all the Columbian coffees out there, this has been chosen tops, the best in the land. Considering all the folks around, could you find better?

Colombia Supremo
For that Someone who is supreme!

Fair-Trade Central American Beneficio
A coffee truly dedicated to the forefathers, the Mayan ancestors...here’s a coffee that will certainly dedicate your depth of gratitude for that Special Person in your life.

Java 'Dutch Estate'
Java coffee started from the Dutch, who planted the first Arabica trees in Java early in coffee's history. It's name has become synonymous with coffee in the U.S., and is often the standard for which all other coffees are measured. Such a ruler can apply against which to measure the all others.

Sumatra Mandheling
Many consider the Mandheling coffees to be among the world's finest and most admired, and certainly among the best Sumatran coffees. The crème de la crème…that’s the one you hold so dear!

Sumatra Dark Roast 'Black Satin'
As well adored as Sumatra Mandheling, only dark roasted. Same for this well admired Someone…with a darker side.

Bolivia Colonial Caranavi Organic
This coffee is grown in a special micro climate set apart from the typical climate of the land…representing the person with the temperament that seems to hold up to the ups and downs around'em.

Yemen 'Arabian Mocca'
This being the world's oldest cultivated coffee, has stood the test of time. In being distinguished by its richness indicates the fullness of nature and wisdom which is only acquired by time. Hmmm…whom could this be?

Sulawesi 'Celebes Classique'
Incredibly rare, one of a kind coffee…none other produced even remotely like it. For that very unique, one of a kind Special Someone.

Here's to the perfect pairing of personality & profile.

Along with your special Coffee Gift, we include this Special Person's very own specific "CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY" for your astutely matched gift.
(see above)

There's no gift like it!

Customize Your Award Certificate - Pair a Coffee with Someone's Personality!
Customize Your Award Certificate - Pair a Coffee with Someone's Personality!

Customized Award: $5.00 VALUE...NOW FREE (limited time only)!
  • CLICK HERE TO select this package
  • We will select best coffee option and hand write a certificate ti match your java with your recipient's character

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