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You are here: Home > International Coffee > El Salvador Finca Piemonte Millenium

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El Salvador Finca Piemonte Millenium Coffee

El Salvador Finca Piemonte Millenium

A complex yet balanced coffee with a hint of creamy orange, cherries, and a pleasantly sweet finish. You've never experienced El Salvador like this!

Even within a country, every patch of soil is different and yields its own locally unique batch of coffee. A microlot is a coffee crop that comes from a very small area, meaning that the flavor isn't mixed with other coffees from the rest of the country. It's the purest local coffee you can get without visiting the farm yourself! It's even Rainforest Alliance Certified, so you know that every sale helps conserve our rainforests.

• Location: Apaneca, Ahuachapan, El Salvador

• Elevation: 1,300m-1,500m above sea level

• Varietal: Millenium

• Process: Washed, Sun Dried on Raised Beds

• Roast: Medium

Our Direct Trade & Micro Lot program lets you learn more about the farmers behind this exquisite coffee!

Our thanks to the descendents of the MaganŢa-Menendez family, who have devoted their time and efforts for over 100 years to bring you this fantastic coffee treasure! Their focus on sustainable growing practices and raising high quality coffee crops has allowed them to produce an exceptional crop that we're excited to share with you.

El Salvador Finca Piemonte Millenium
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