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You are here: Home > Articles & Recipes > The magic of Idido Misty Valley Yirgacheffe coffee of Ethiopia

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About Idido Misty Valley
Yirgacheffe Coffee of Ethiopia

The magic of Idido Misty Valley Yirgacheffe coffee of Ethiopia

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Organic Coffee
Rated 92.4 an incredible points in Coffee Review

A magically rare find in coffees!

A tribute to the ancient, natural sundried coffee tradition of Yirgacheffe, this richly textured coffee offers a striking note of fresh, perfectly ripe strawberries, along with gentle undertones of lemon, butter, honey, and spice.

Produced by a community of traditional, artisan farmers in legendary Yirgacheffe, this intoxicatingly aromatic coffee offers distinct, beautiful notes of citrus and jasmine above a luscious, honeyed sweetness and a smooth, syrupy body.

Ethiopia, formerly known as Abyssinia, is the origin of all coffees of the world.

Yirgacheffe is magical. Who knows why some places are so special. but there is no denying that certain places have something that makes them unique and precious. Yirgacheffe is one of those places, and it all has to do with the coffee.

Ascending into the mountain forests of Southern Ethiopia. After what seems like forever, you finally arrive in Yirgacheffe- the little town with the big reputation. It's a small place by any standard - it doesn't appear on many Ethiopian maps - but the coffees that come from here are giants, filled with the unique Yirgacheffe character. The place is breezy and cool without being chilly, tropical without being hot, rainy without being sticky or humid, and the air is fresh and clean. It's kind of like spring all the time in Yirgacheffe. Walking on the dirt roads surrounding the town you smell the forest, full of eucalyptus and native trees, and all kinds of flowers, grasses, and fragrant plants. The forest teems with wildlife as well; birds and monkeys screech, and honeybees dart from blossom to blossom. Koke, Idido, Hama, Biloya. All are place-names of the hills surrounding Yirgacheffe. One of these places, in the hills just to the west of Yirgacheffe town, is Idido Misty Valley.

About Idido Misty Valley Coffee

Some coffees are so unique and spectacular, they change the way we think about coffee itself. This coffee is unlike any coffee: it’s an Ethiopian Natural Sundried coffee, prepared by the age-old method of drying the coffee in its fruit, but there was something different. The coffee had none of the inconsistency and earthiness that plagues coffees prepared in this way; in fact the coffee was a perfectly fresh tasting and clean. Unlike the traditional coffees was from Yirgacheffe, where coffee is usually pulped and washed before drying, This coffee breaks all the rules. The experience is something like going to France and drinking a red champagne, and having it be great.

Before the introduction of fermentation and washing in Ethiopia, all coffee was sundried in its fruit, and the method was handed down from generation to generation. The introduction of the Latin American washing method in 1959 (in Yirgacheffe) interrupted this tradition, and the disruption of the coffee market during the political turmoil of the decades which followed threatened to eliminate great Ethiopian Natural Sundried coffees entirely. Coffees were still prepared by this method, but they were somewhat haphazard and casual. The Bagersh family estate set out to relearn and perfect the Ethiopian Sundried process, in tribute to his grandparents' generation, and to rediscover this almost lost art. It took a lot, but he finally figured it out. And, of course, the result was spectacular. Soon after our introduction of this coffee, it developed an incredible reputation among coffee cognoscenti, and sparked debate and brought accolades.

This is the cleanest African natural coffee you will find it is very uniform and free of the undesirable earth notes or sourness that can put a damper on some otherwise nice unwashed “Mocha” type coffees. The tradition in Yirgacheffe is wet-processing, whereas Harar has a dry-processing tradition. This coffee is screen dried under the sun.

Idido Misty Valley coffee is a tribute to fruitiness - lovers of fruity Harrar coffees will find a cup where the fruit intensity is ratcheted up to an almost overwhelming level. The dominant note is of fresh strawberry; perfectly ripe and bright. There are subtler notes of lemon, butter, honey and exotic spice. In fact, there are so many flavor elements, you could go on and on and on. The flavor profile changes subtly as this coffee cools in the cup. The entire impression is intoxicating and transporting. It is amazing to get a taste of what coffee in Yirgacheffe has tasted like for hundreds of years. This coffee is the perfect dessert coffee.

Idido Misty Valley continues to overwhelm, and its signature sweet strawberry-lemon-spice flavor has become a fierce favorite among coffee lovers.

The coffee produced by the traditional, artisan farmers of Idido is distinct and beautiful:

This is a coffee for those who love fruit and zesty fills your palate with flavors of mango fruit, wild berry, and grape skin notes in the background. An especially full and syrupy body provides a great playground for all of the flavors, and adds to the coffee's distinct dessert-like character. It's flavor notes experience subtle change as the coffee cools. Think of a dessert wine at a fine restaurant.

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