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Sweet Jewelry by Little World of Zjakazumi
Jean le Bean Review

World's most Extraordinary Selection of coffee and tea.
Chocolate Covered Spoon Shoppe
the Artistic Spoon Mix - 12 Assorted Flavored Chocolate Dipped Spoons
Chocolate Covered Spoon Shoppe

NEW: Exquisite Styled Coffee Dipping Spoons & Chocolate Novelties ...

Check out our Chocolate Covered Spoon Gallery at it's finest. NEW Designer Styles- not your ordinary chocolate covered spoons. Upscale and elegant with luscious mixed chocolates on attractive spoons with designs nothing you've seen before. Using the finest Chocolate!

the Artistic Spoon Mix - 12 Assorted Flavored Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Receive a Designer Range of Assorted Chocolate Spoons

Every set of a dozen is different and unique. Assorted flavors and SURPRISES
12 Plump and Perfect Spoons...all at a Lower Price.$18.99
White Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Salted Caramel or Cheesecake  Spoons (10 Spoons)
Klatch (Single Origin Espresso) Ethiopia Gedeo Worka
White Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Salted Caramel or Cheesecake Spoons (10 Spoons)

These Special Beauties will entrance Everyone!

Your choice of covered sweety. Either Sweet & Salty Chocolate Covered Chewy Caramel or Smooth 'n Sweet Covered Cheesecake drenched in chocolate and on attractive plastic spoons$24.95
Klatch (Single Origin Espresso) Ethiopia Gedeo Worka

“Oscars” of Food Award Winner
One of our most popular coffee returns to Klatch! If you love our Gedeo Worka as drip, you will definitely enjoy this single origin espresso. It offers a bright and intense blueberry and boysenberry flavor with with hints of lemon-lime along with a medium body and chocolate finish$15.95
Caramel Vanilla
Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
Caramel Vanilla

This irresistible coffee sensation combines the taste of indulgent caramel with the flavor of rich vanilla. Vanilla Caramel evokes the flavors of “Dulce de Leche,” a favored dessert in Mexico & Latin America$7.95
Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

This gourmet African coffee displays many of the characteristics of Kenyan coffee, though much lighter in acidity. Peaberry coffee is rare; only 10% of all coffee develops with this characteristicRegular price: $8.50
Sale price: $7.95
RARE & EXOTIC Limited Edition Tour Sampler  - (4 half-pounds)
RARE & EXOTIC Limited Edition Tour Sampler - (4 half-pounds)

Hard to Find Coffee Jewels!

Due to current conditions, the short supply of these coffees make them a perfect find. This Sample pack allows you to X-plore some well hidden coffees - 4 glorious (half-pound) bags of some of the finest coffee the world has to offer!

    Rated: 95 points in Coffee Review September 2014

    Sweet floral with notes of jazmine, lemongrass. Fruits like peach, rose apple, mandarine. Very complex and juicy$44.95
    Yemen Mocca  (12-oz)
    Stocking Coffee Stuffers - Individual 40-Pot Bags
    Yemen Mocca (12-oz)

    Stocking Coffee Stuffers - Individual 40-Pot Bags

    The Perfect Size Coffee to Give and Give ...
    The Perfect Party Novelty Gift ... and Ideal to Stuff into the Stocking or Gift Mug

    Every bag makes a perfectly scrumptious pot of holiday coffee. 40 brews in all.$79.95
    Klatch Ethiopia Gedeo Worka
    Salted Caramel
    Klatch Ethiopia Gedeo Worka

    92 points by Coffeee Review,
    2012 Good Food Award

    This is one of our favorite coffees this year! Right off the bat, it offers a sweet berry and milk chocolate aroma. The flavors become defined in the cup with delicate notes of blackberry, raspberry jam and lemon along with cocoa powder undertones$15.95
    Salted Caramel

    New Coffee Taste Sensation !
    A rare flavors sensations that is real culinary obsession. Sweet and salty make a surprisingly tasty combination, and this coffee is no exception! Just a sip and you'll be hooked on our savory delight. The oh-so chewy soft flavor of our favorite flavored coffee melts in your mouth!$7.95
    Loco Gourmet Instant Cocoa & Coffee Holiday Sampler - (6 or 12 servings)
    Inbru Coffee Flavoring
    Loco Gourmet Instant Cocoa & Coffee Holiday Sampler - (6 or 12 servings)

    Luxurious Instant Indulgence
    Assorted Holiday Cocoas & Instant Coffees to Celebrate!! CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

    Your pick of the mix from our holiday flavors of instant coffees and cocoas!

    Inbru Coffee Flavoring

    You Select the Coffee, Inbru Gives You Pure Flavor!

    FLAVOR IT YOUR WAY Ramp up or down your flavor intensity - Control your experience by the beans you brew

    Season Flavor Coffee Sampler
    International Coffee
    Season Flavor Coffee Sampler

    AUTUMN FLAVORED COFFEES will warm the chill off the season:

  • Cinnamon Hazelnut: Fragrant and spicy
  • Banana Bread Pudding: Warm and sweet
  • Pumpkin Spice: The season's favorite!$22.50
  • International Coffee

    Savor the World!

    America's Most Popular Flavored Coffee Sampler - (6 half-pounds)
    America's Most Popular Flavored Coffee Sampler - (6 half-pounds)

    What are America's Most Popular Flavored Coffees? Experience a warm Snickerdoodle in the morning. Or Highlander Grogg that'll bring out the Braveheart in you! We have the best Hazelnut & Vanilla ever!

  • Hazelnut
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Highlander Grogg
  • Banana Foster
  • French Vanilla
  • Chocolate Raspberry Cream $39.95

    Taste & compare the very best coffees
    from around the globe!

    Tropic of Coffee Blend
    Hawaiian Sampler - 3 half-lb. bags
    Tropic of Coffee Blend

    Three specially blended gourmet coffees from between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, where coffee trees develop into mature, cherry-producing plants in nutrient-rich soils. Coffees from Indonesia and Hawaii combined with a dark roasted espresso. This masterful blend is nothing short of paradise!$9.95
    Hawaiian Sampler - 3 half-lb. bags

    This sampler is a tropical delight. Enjoy the best of the islands with 3 half-lbs. offering you the richest of flavor profiles.$49.95
    Vermont Maple Pecan Flavored
    Paradise Package Coffee Collection -   (Five 1/2-lb. bags)
    Vermont Maple Pecan Flavored

    Paradise Package Coffee Collection - (Five 1/2-lb. bags)

    Brew up a little part of Paradise!

  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Cuvee Coffee
  • Hawaiian Maui Yellow Caturra
  • Costa Rica Reserve
  • India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage'
  • Organic Peru Andes Gold$49.95
  • African Burundi AA Kirimiro
    Maple Bacon
    African Burundi AA Kirimiro

    Heavy mouthfeel, flavors of lemon, black tea, delicate hints of spiced clove, and a sweet nutty finish, this light-roasted coffee is something you've never tried before!$8.95
    Maple Bacon

    Not just another

    Delicious flavors of sweet maple syrup and aroma of crisp country bacon combine in this coffee brew producing a taste you’ll jump out of bed for!$7.95
    Blackberry Cobbler
    Costa Rica La Minita Conquistador
    Blackberry Cobbler

    It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving to enjoy the warm, rich flavor of blackberry cobbler. You can enjoy that wonderful flavor anytime with our Blackberry Cobbler Flavored Coffee! Indulge in this sweet treat whenever you're looking for that perfect pick-me-up. You can't go wrong with the inviting aroma coming from your coffee brewer$7.95
    Costa Rica La Minita Conquistador

    unique coffee with a deep, fruity, sweet dark chocolate flavor, great after taste, very smooth cup overall unlike other Costa Rican coffees$9.95
    South American Tour Coffee Sampler - (5 1/2-lb. bags)
    Exotic Flavor Sampler - (5 1/2 lb bags)
    South American Tour Coffee Sampler - (5 1/2-lb. bags)

    Explore the differences in coffees that South America can offer. Each with their own set of coffee attributes. Different countries expose different nuances that you will have fun discerning.

  • Panama Boquete
  • Brazil Moreninha Formosa limited reserve -
  • Guatamala Antigua
  • Peru Andes Gold
  • Bolivia Colonial Caranavi - $39.95
  • Exotic Flavor Sampler - (5 1/2 lb bags)

    Step away from the everyday!
    Try the most unique coffees we have to offer:
  • Apricot Cream
  • Banana Hazelnut
  • Jalapeño Coconut
  • Maple Bacon
  • Orange Coconut

  • Loco Hot Cocoa & Coffee Love Sampler- 12 servings
    Loco Full Size Flavored Cocoas -  (10 &20 serving box) -   SUGAR & SUGAR-FREE
    Loco Hot Cocoa & Coffee Love Sampler- 12 servings

    Love in an Instant!
    Display your Love with an Assorted Cocoas & Instant Coffee Sampler !!
    These hot cocoas and instant coffee beverages are specifically designed to warm the heart of anyone that Cupid aims them at.$24.99
    Loco Full Size Flavored Cocoas - (10 &20 serving box) - SUGAR & SUGAR-FREE

    Recommended by Martha Stewart!
    Indulge in the creamy Cocoa enjoyed by the Stars! $14.00
    Regional Tour Sampler - (4 half-pounds)
    Liqueur Coffee Sampler 1
    Regional Tour Sampler - (4 half-pounds)

  • Mexico 'Spirit of the Aztec'
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  • Colombia Supremo "La Valle Verde"
  • Sumatra Dark Roast 'Black Satin' $37.95
  • Liqueur Coffee Sampler 1

    The names you know and the tastes you love smoothly melded in non-alcoholic blends with gourmet coffee. The perfect after-dinner treat.$39.99
    Flavored Full Size Instant Coffees  - Coffee Gone Loco - (20 & 40 servings) -  SUGAR & SUGAR-FREEDOM
    Flavored Full Size Instant Coffees - Coffee Gone Loco - (20 & 40 servings) - SUGAR & SUGAR-FREEDOM

    One-Step Instant Coffee Mix

    Recommended by Martha Stewart!
    The Coffee Gone Loco is a flavored coffee mix – everything in one package – just add water for a flavored instant coffee. $18.00

    Jean le Bean Flavored Coffee Review

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    Sweet Jewelry by Little World of Zjakazumi

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    Gourmet Coffee

    Experience the pleasure of fresh roasted gourmet coffee at home or work with Gourmet CoffeeXpress. With over 250 flavors and a huge range of international, fresh roasted coffees to choose from, you'll be sure to find a favorite FRESH ROASTED COFFEE BEANS!

    Not a coffee drinker? We have a wide assortment of teas and Artisan delights -- chocolate, hot chocolate, flavored instants -- perfect for any occasion. Whether you need a unique gift, corporate thank you, or a wedding favor, we can make it happen! We promise you the best gourmet coffee online. What's more, everything is ONE OF A KIND and you won't find our products anywhere else!!! An Artisan Galleria Website Mall chock full of delectable delights.

    What's more it's easy to buy coffee online at Gourmet Coffee Xpress. And you'll want to come back for more.

    Gourmet Coffee Xpress offers you the best gourmet coffee you'll ever find. Fresh roasted coffee that is roasted at time of order so you'll receive at peak of freshness. Fresh gourmet coffee beans.

    Plus our fresh roasted coffee beans are available in the world's largest selection of flavors. Over 250 flavors in all. Holiday and Seasonal Flavored fresh roast coffee will tantalize your taste buds. We fresh roast your choice of flavored coffee beans to your taste. Regular or Dark Roast. Regular, Decaf or Naturally Decaffeinated. Fresh roasted when you place the order. And ready to buy coffee online.

    Our International, Artisan small-batch, fresh roasted coffee beans are superior to those you'll find at the chain outlets, since they are grown on small farms, particularly selected for flavor and shipped fresh roasted to your door. The best gourmet coffee online and fresh roasted to your taste.

    Buy coffee online and we will send our fresh roasted coffee straight to your door. You'll smell the difference right through the bag. Fresh roasted coffees. The best gourmet coffee and the largest selection available online--AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!!!